Roots growing through wick into tank - happen to you?

Hello. I have had my Click and Grow for almost two years and have really enjoyed having it. One thing I have noticed, though, is my plants will often grow roots into the water tank by growing through the wick medium.

At first it usually seems like my plants have a hard time with it and get some leaves browning, but after I pluck all the dead stuff off sometimes the plants seem to adapt to having some roots in the water.

I have been able to keep plants alive much longer than they probably should by letting the roots grow into the water. I assume if they are growing through the wick, the plant is rootbound in the pod container?

I once tried to trim the roots in the water but it was a bad idea and ultimate the plant died from it. I also once tried to add hydroponic plant food to the water, but that also didn’t work. Now I just leave the roots alone and provide water like normal and have no issues.

I was curious if any of you have had experiences with the roots growing down through the wick?


It’s happened to me on occasion as well—mint did it the most.

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In my case, Basil filled the tank with its root. When I pulled the Basil pod out of my SG9 it was quite a sight :slight_smile: a large mesh of fine roots :wink:

Hi, could you please tell me if you’re replacing the wicks in this case? My tomato plant did this and now that I want to put a new pod in, I don’t know weather to replace the wick or not as the part of the root is still in the wick.