Basil pods no longer absorbing water

I bought my first set about 2 months ago. Now it seems the pods are no longer absorbing water from the container. Is this normal, should I transfer the dirt to another plant, or is this what typically happens and I should harvest while I can?

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so it is the first round in your Smart Garden? It might be that your basil is ending its life cycle and the roots have taken over the plant pods (root-bound) and the wick can no longer support the plant pod with water.
You may just harvest the whole pod or transplant it to new soil.

For more plant care information please download the app and register your plants if you start the new round.

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Thank you very much for the input. This is my first time using this. I transferred one of the pods to a planter, and it seems to be doing ok so far. I’ll transfer the others as well. Thank you again.


Usually I take out the pod and remove the plant roots from the bottom, so that the pod material is in contact with the wick once again. Also I feel it’s good idea to harvest basil leaves regularly to keep plant growth in check.

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The water wicks are still (or again) sold out. Basil clogs the wicks

Hi, thanks :green_heart: for letting us know. Please check if it’s back in stock now!