Dry pods in garden

Some of the pods in the garden are dry and don’t seem to be getting any water at all. What do I do?

How long have you been using this garden and what kind of product is it? How long did you wait until the pods to get wet? Could be a wick problem, also the soil bottom may be uneven. Pics of the cavity bottom would also help :slight_smile:

You may find some information on this here as well : https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001574447-Help-My-plants-are-not-getting-any-water-

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They are basil plants been in there since may. The bottom of the plants of even. But they don’t seem to be getting any water

Hei, ca three months is the longevity of a basil pod.
The roots have probably filled the cavity and the actual soil (that would uptake water) is not in connection with the wick anymore. Could it be?