Root trimming of mature plants in pod

After several weeks, I have noticed that Basil, Lavender and Green Lettuce, have a root growth at the bottom of pod and have started pushing the pod upwards. The pod cap also no longer is flush with the pod and is un-clicked and loose. As a result, those pods no longer have contact with the wick and have started drying.

Is it a good idea to trim the roots at the bottom, so that the pod is again in contact with the wick?

Hi there. I have a similar experience with French Marigold. I think it might be time to transplant into pots. How old are these anyway?

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Depends, between 40 - 90 days.

Hi, if you encounter such problems it may be that the life cycle of the plant pod is exceeded. Could it be so? It is much easier to track your plant pod age if you download the app here or go to app store and register your plant. The app is still a beta version, but it already provides features that make growing plants much easier and fun.

Other than that, if you have been using your garden for a while now, it might be that the wicks are clogged and need to be changed. You can get new ones from here.

I hope you find this helpful!

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The lavenders are definitely at the end of their pod life, but they just started flowering. :frowning:
I agree the app is good for tracking the plants; the suggestions for individual plant type is very helpful. I have also started writing the date of sowing on the pod holder tabs.

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