Move plants to outdoor garden

I’ve noticed that after harvesting basil and lettuce the plants for awhile they seem like they become less productive over time. I’m wondering if moving them and planting in my outdoor garden and restarting new plants in the click&grow makes sense.

Any input appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi @Mkochanik, welcome to the community!

Every plant pod has its “Lasts up to date” that marks for how long usually the plant pod lasts for and can be enjoyed for. You can find all kinds of plant-related information on the website under “plant care” or on the app.

It is natural that that lettuce plant pod becomes depleted in time. Transplanting is not always a best option, e.g. for short living annuals as green lettuce, to produce more yield. Though you may end up with good results with basil, just trim it back constantly, this will delay flowering and flavor becoming bitter.

Thanks for advice

Instead of taking leafs off the basil, do a pruning method that removes stems that allow the plant to regrow. YouTube pruning basil for methods to get the best out of your plants

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