Which plants can you re harvest over and over?

Hi. I got a garden end of last year and didn’t know if once you harvest a pod you can then grow again.

The basil seemed to work, but lettuce just grew really tall and flowers.

Please can someone advise as would like to reuse rather than buy new pods after each harvest.


Hi, all my herbs I have planted 4 month ago and I’ve been harvesting all the time since then. But naturally after some time the pods degrade. As for the lettuce you can harvest some leaves at a time from around the 4th week or all in one go after around 6 weeks. Then you have to use a new pod. Some of the greens like leaf radish or garden cress you should harvest in one go after around one month and then you need a new pod. You can’t reuse the pods as long as I know as there is no fertilizer left and there are normally many roots in the soil. But you can transplant the pods outside in the garden. There are pods without seeds that can grow plants up to 4 month. And if there are any questions while growing, there is a helpful app and many answers on the c&g website. Hope that helps.
PS if your lettuce flowers it’s gone to far and probably will have a bitter taste.