Please help- can I…?

I’m new to this- I have tried a few herb gardens and flowers and never seem to be able to get to a point where it lasts. I’m so excited to get one and started adding herbs to my shopping cart. Couple questions… can I have mostly herbs and just a couple flowers so that they look pretty- or not a good idea to mix them…
Also- It comes with 3 3pack pods and I want to purchase 6 more types of herbs as it’s a smart garden 9- is it 9 total pods and I just use one pod of each? Do you ever need to replace the pods? Is that why there’s so many?
Please help!

Hi @Kitscho,

Indeed, every plant pod has its own lasts up to time and recommended harvest time. After harvesting your produce you should replace plant pods once its life cycle is over. You can find information about harvest time and for how long pods last on the product page under plant care, and of course on the package itself.

Also, another great option is to use CG official app, once you add your garden and plants to it- it will provide you timed care tips, some also come with how-to videos. Also it helps to track for how long it has been growing.

It is ok to mix herbs and flowers. Just make sure that all plants get enough light and have enough space to grow. This is why it makes sense to follow all plant care tips, because some herbs need trimming all the time.

It’s fine if you don’t plant all pods from one pack at once. Seed pods store well if kept in a cool and dry place.

Happy growing! :green_heart: