Can you use the Click&Grow without the plant pods?

I own a very old version of the Click and Grow - which is now obsolete. I can’t buy any plant pods that fit. Is there a way for me to still use it, but fabricating the plant pots myself? How would I do that?

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Hi @phc,

What kind of old version do you have? Smartpot or Smart Herb Garden?

Hi, Thanks for your help. I have a Smartpot I think (?)click-and-grow


@Mirjam do you think something could work?

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Hi @phc,

Unfortunately, the refills are no longer available and the smart pot has not been produced for a long time already. I’m not sure if it is feasible to use an alternative substrate in a smart pot, probably not.

I would recommend upgrading your product and for that, definitely contact the support and let them know that you have a smartpot, which is no longer supported with new plant pods. They will offer you a solution for sure.
Smart Gardens have a lamp that strongly supports plant growth and yield and there are 57 different plant options today.

Best of luck,


Thanks for the feedback!
Unfortunately I already contacted the support team and all they can offer is a tiny discount to buy a new system. Which I’m therefore not ready to do :frowning:
I guess it will go to the bin, and I’ll grow other options by myself!
Thanks again,

Oh that looks cool. How did this system work? Similar principle to current click and grow or different ?

I cannot believe you have to throw it away . Not very imaginative of customer support or for that matter , the company I . was about to make the big purchase of the big garden on the ladder looking plant stand but am worried what happens if I can’t get the seed pods? Will it just become a stack of door stops on a ladder to hang clothes? I am new to this click and grow scene but I guess now it occurs to me that if it comes to that , I can replant the plants outside once they are big enough ? I thought click and grow would be a good option because the Koch brothers own Aerogarden and I don’t want to support them.
I’m just not clear on the sustainability of click and grow and this answer to your question just bums me .


Many people experiment with their own seeds and soil, some with success. I’m sure that in the case they stopped producing pods you could still use the garden with your own soil. Yes, plants that grow too big for the garden can be planted elsewhere.

In the end, I planted some basilic directly in the Click&Grow. Without any special pot. I guess in the long run it will probably damage the system, but for now it works fine and my basilic is doing great :slight_smile:
I guess this is the issue of being an early adopter ! I might be mistaking but don’t think you would face obsolescence now as Click&Grow probably have found their optimum product. Mine Dates back from 2012 so quite old.
But agree with you. If Nespresso were to change their capsules now they would likely offer everyone new machines for free to keep them in the franchise!


I don’t really know, as I don’t have one of the current.
Basically you would put a plant pod and fill in the reservoir with water - the Click&Grow takes care of the watering (using batteries). At the time there was also the option to add a light system. It works on batteries.
I think the plant pots were bigger.


HI, this reply of mine is coming in quite late.

But, I think the user phc was using the very first development called Smart Pot, that is no longer available and also therefore the refills are also no longer available for many years. One of the reasons why it was discontinued was that the soil was stuck in the plastic cup and it was impossible to discard it safely and to replant the plant. With the new concept the cup is reusable and the soil comes out very easily and can be transplanted with no problems. Soil is biodegradable. There are also some transplanting videos on youtube on Click and Grow official channel.

Current smart soil plant pods are compatible with all smart gardens, also for the gardens that are compatible with the ladder, that is actually called a plant stand.

I hope you find this helpful!