Can you use the Click&Grow without the plant pods?

I own a very old version of the Click and Grow - which is now obsolete. I can’t buy any plant pods that fit. Is there a way for me to still use it, but fabricating the plant pots myself? How would I do that?

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Hi @phc,

What kind of old version do you have? Smartpot or Smart Herb Garden?

Hi, Thanks for your help. I have a Smartpot I think (?)click-and-grow


@Mirjam do you think something could work?

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Hi @phc,

Unfortunately, the refills are no longer available and the smart pot has not been produced for a long time already. I’m not sure if it is feasible to use an alternative substrate in a smart pot, probably not.

I would recommend upgrading your product and for that, definitely contact the support and let them know that you have a smartpot, which is no longer supported with new plant pods. They will offer you a solution for sure.
Smart Gardens have a lamp that strongly supports plant growth and yield and there are 57 different plant options today.

Best of luck,


Thanks for the feedback!
Unfortunately I already contacted the support team and all they can offer is a tiny discount to buy a new system. Which I’m therefore not ready to do :frowning:
I guess it will go to the bin, and I’ll grow other options by myself!
Thanks again,