Looking for 3D printing solutions for smart gardens

Hey! I am looking for creative solutions to add useful details or modify the Smart Gardens.
Please feel free to share any great printing files or web pages you have used or can recommend.

I have seen some 3D-printed extensions for SG3 and would like to have all the useful files in this thread - just in case any other growers are looking for these too.

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Hey :slight_smile: I mentioned already some simple covers Covers for empty holes? - #7 by AssetBurned a while ago. They do come in handy if you go on holiday and you have a small number of plants that you want to keep growing in the meantime. Of if you just can not decide on what to grow next.

I also saw some “adapters” to grow other types of pods, but I am not sure if that is really a good idea. Systems with other shapes of pods seems to require nutritions added to the water, which isn’t something I would suggest to the Click&Grow system.

But what might be another good idea is a custom lid for a mason jar that can hold a single pod. I know G&G is selling the tray holder for the 5 pods trays as well as the herb saver, but there isn’t really something for people using a 3 or 9 pod garden.

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