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Please add coffee been and vanila been they are for sure essential items in every house. Just imagine growing stevia and coffee been and making totally homemade coffie or making vanila ice cream and extract


That’s an amazing idea!!!


And what about blue spruce. It was the first thing i ever grew, I planted one in my grandmas backyard when i was 5 and it was just a little 1/2 foot tree. + they are gorgeous!


If it is possible, spinach would be a good idea. Other ideas are green onion/ scallions, lemon grass, swiss charred and any type of beans.

As for more decorative options, succulants are quite popular where I am (not sure if the system would be too wet for them though). Some other suggestions are orchids, begonias or hydrangeas.


It would also be cool to be able to make some homemade teas from the click and grow gardens. I know we already have some options available but anything that would make a good cup of tea would be very fun.


So far, I’ve grown and enjoyed Lemon Balm, pepermint, and lavender. Great home made teas!


Agreed! But it never hurts to have more options


Thats true!


Hey what about sugar cane


Would you elaborate which tea herb plants do you miss the most? :blush:


Chamomile, jasmine, lemon bergamot and hyssop would be a few other suggestions. There are a few good options already available but if you’re looking for new plants, these would make good additions. It would also give you the option to split your pods into a third category: flowers, fruiting plants and herbs/ teas.


I would love lemon bergamot too! Click&Grow actually already has Hyssop available:


And what about orange sweet pepper or green sweet pepper and for sure jalapeños!


And the Carolina reaper


For people with a CG3 it would be nice to have a few mix packs on offer so you don’t have to have 3 plants the same (or buy 3 packs and store 2 pods from each). So maybe tomato, pepper and chilli or sets of 3 herbs that work well together.


What about scallions