Sowing my own seeds to experimental pod

I got a 3-pack Experimental Pods as a gift from a friend. What should I plant there that is not available from Click and Grow? I have a pod subscription too, so I’ll be testing all the existing pods anyways…

PS buying new seeds is not a problem for me.


I’ve grown a lot of plants in the experimental.
What is your interest?

So here is an Atropa belladonna growing. I started it in an experimental refill.

“Deadly Nightshade” does not sound very promising to me :joy:

I was thinking something edible, maybe ornamental greens or herbs.

Artemisia absinthum also worked very well for me. All Artemisia species seem to grow really good in the experimental.

Go for Stevia. With fresh seeds.


How did Absinth grow then, did you get to harvest it?

You seem to be experienced with the Experimental pods, right?. How many seeds should I add and how?

Number of seeds depends on a plant you want to grow. What are you planning to grow in experimental?

maybe some salad greens or herbs… I have not decided yet, there are so many options. …

Satureja aka Savory seems interesting…

It grows still. And harvest is good! I had to replant outside though. But it has already survived a winter.

ahahh so I can also use this empty experimental pod just to pre-grow something? e.g. a tomato (which is actually quite large plant) and later transplant it to a greenhouse or just outdoors? Is this why you replanted your plants?


Yeah. I use my Click & Grow mostly to start new seeds during winter time. Then I transplant everything to my garden or greenhouse. It is by far the best way to start seeds.


I may try it next spring too. This time I go for satureja :wink: Really exciting!

Which one would work better? Satureja montana or S. hortensis? @anninger.kari do you know?

btw, it went for S. hortensis. I planted 20 seeds per pod- I hope it is not too much. It is an annual and makes more sense to me to grow an annual plant indoors. I have no desire to plant it outdoors later.

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I thought so.

Has anyone tried growing Micromeria sp. in the Click & Grow experimental?

What is Micromeria good for?

Bushdoctor style tea. Mostly :slight_smile:


I was wondering if I can use Experimental Pods for growing bigger fruiting plants like Eggplants and Broccoli. Would they be too big in size for Garden 9? Has anybody tried it before?


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I have tried mini eggplant. It gave me a couple of tiny fruits.
Generally the experimental plant pod is great for plants in the Solanaceae family.

So give it a try!