C&G Experimental pod coming with some "seeds"?

Hi, I got some experimental pods from Click and Grow, and I decided to start trying to grow some flowers. I got surprised when I opened the package, as there were some small round-seed-looking balls in the package.
Until now I have just used the C&G for basil, tomato and coriander, and of course I was not surprised to see the seeds in the pods and around the package. But it truly surprised me on the experimental one.
Is this some kind of “food” that I should include or could it by that by mistake some seeds ended up there?

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those are fertilizer prills, plant food. You still need to add your own seeds and you’re good to go!

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Makes a lot of sense, but just wanted to be sure before putting it together with the seeds :slight_smile: Very excited to see if the flowers I’m trying will grow!


Great! What are you planning to grow? :slight_smile:

I got some Cosmos bipinnatus, that I’m planning to move to my garden when they grow a bit in the C&G. Let’s see how it goes!

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I had the same question about preexisting seeds Maybe you should consider adding a note about that on the experimental instructions web page? They looked a lot like the cilantro I am going to plant


Hi @Mike_s,

Experimental plant pods come without seeds. What you might see inside the plant pod are fertilizer prills. It is ok to add your own seeds there on top of the prills.

I second Mike’s suggestion to add a note to the experimental instructions web page that lets people know that the balls are in fact fertilizer. I saw the balls and also thought they were seeds. (I would say that many of the less experienced gardeners among us would confuse them for seeds.)

It’d also be great to have some instruction on where to plant the seeds in the pod – in the depression in the center of the pod? Or bury them across the entire surface?

Thanks for considering!

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