C&G Experimental pod coming with some "seeds"?

Hi, I got some experimental pods from Click and Grow, and I decided to start trying to grow some flowers. I got surprised when I opened the package, as there were some small round-seed-looking balls in the package.
Until now I have just used the C&G for basil, tomato and coriander, and of course I was not surprised to see the seeds in the pods and around the package. But it truly surprised me on the experimental one.
Is this some kind of “food” that I should include or could it by that by mistake some seeds ended up there?

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those are fertilizer prills, plant food. You still need to add your own seeds and you’re good to go!

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Makes a lot of sense, but just wanted to be sure before putting it together with the seeds :slight_smile: Very excited to see if the flowers I’m trying will grow!

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Great! What are you planning to grow? :slight_smile:

I got some Cosmos bipinnatus, that I’m planning to move to my garden when they grow a bit in the C&G. Let’s see how it goes!