Round object in C&G pods soil

Hi. I noticed quite a few pods contain the round stuff in the soil. Can C&G advise what are those? Thanks.


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Those are fertilizer prills and they are meant to be there. :slight_smile:


Oh… thanks for the info. So on contact with water is it supposed to dissolve completely and disappears?

Can we buy it from C&G?

I suggest perhaps C&G can indicate this on the packaging or something. When I first plant my pods, I was worried that it might be egg sacs of some bugs or something… thankfully I didn’t dug it out and discard it.

Previously I discarded a few pods that didn’t germinate. If I knew earlier I probably would savage those pills… :grin:

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Yes. The nutrients inside a Click & Grow pod come in different forms and appearances. Some you see, some you don’t. But it is safe to note that this is not an insect egg. Just merely salts.

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