SmartSoil and its nurtients


Just wondering whether C&G soil, nutrients, and seeds are organic and non-GMO?

Great question!

We use only untreated and non-GMO seeds in our plant pods.

We use mineral nutrients. This makes our pods vegan and also helps us to dosage plant food more accurately for every plant pod.

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Purified mineral salts it is. I’ve actually eaten our nutrients to prove their safety :slight_smile:

Are you still experimenting on how to improve the longevity of the smart soil nutrients? I am asking this because I have observed that the leaves of fruiting plants turn yellow, dry-up and fall before the fruits mature or develop.

Hi Miriam,
Could you please tell me where I can buy smart soil for my click and grow pots ? A link perhaps ?


try our page There is a selection of plants that you can choose from, we are constantly adding new plant pods.

If you wish to use your own seeds choose an Experimental Pod. And if any questions emerge- feel free to let us know!

Happy growing!

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Hi Mirjam,
I think you did not understand my question. I do not want to buy plants but I want to buy preformed smartsoil to put in the plastic jars of my C&G to use my own seeds. I thought I could find some on C&G web site but I didn’t. Can you help me :pray:
Thank you

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I am so sorry Mirjam, your answer was correct. I found Experimental pods on the C&G web site and I just purchased them. Thank you very much :+1:


hahaa it’s ok :smiley:

May I ask what are you planning to grow in Experimental pods?

Good luck!

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Hi Mirjam,
Haha ! In French we use to say : « la curiosité est un vilain défaut « :wink:

I can only tell you that I have already tried to add my own seeds in chives pods. I now have 3 beautiful plants :maple_leaf: but they are growing in the middle of my chives. My plants are growing well, but the chives do not really have place enough to flourish :woman_shrugging:
Thanks for your advice. It was really useful


Hi @Elisabeth65,

Got it. But, maybe, it would be better to remove chives seedlings from the pod, if you want your other plants to thrive. Chives will start to form a bulb soon enough and it may clog up the soil with roots sooner than expected.


Whatever it is you’re planting, the experimental pods are your friend. They’re awesome. All the smart soil technology and you don’t have to worry about other seeds interfering with what you’re trying to grow. :wink: