Seed looking things in my grow anything pods?

I just opened my Grow Anything Pods and there are round things in there, little round pellet looking things… fertilizer, nutrient pellets… Or seeds?

I’m going to plant in them any way because my seeds are all prepped to plant, and I’m going to HOPE the pellets are fertilizer pellets and not seeds.

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Hi @Pagosan33
Those colorful prills in Grow Anything pods are plant food, so you’re all set to plant your own seeds, as you already figured it out on your own. :four_leaf_clover:

If it is not a secret, also share with us what you are planting. It is always inspiring to see what other growers have in their gardens.

Happy growing!

Oops! Sorry… no not a secret. I’ve planted 5 pods of cilantro and 2 of Genovese basil and 2 of dill in my 9 pod Click & Grow. In my 3 pod Click & Grow, I’ve planted 2 dwarf red tomato plants and 2 dwarf yellow tomato plant!

Also, and I should make a topic about this to better share with other growers: I used something called Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom to start my seeds before putting them into the soil pods. It’s something I use to start my outdoor garden seeds. There other “sonic bloom” knockoffs out there, but Dan Carlson is the guy that originated this system of helping plants thrive in a super way, so to honor his contribution to gardeners, I buy only his Sonic Bloom.

1 teaspoon of Sonic Bloom powder makes a gallon of Sonic Bloom liquid. I didn’t need that much at all, so I used an 1/8 teaspoon to make a pint. Then I took 10 drops of that added to 8 oz of water and in little 1 ounce plastic shot glasses I got from Amazon, I soaked all my seeds for 8 hours with the special music that helps the seeds really take in the moisture with the nutrients. It has a frequency that helps plants to open up and take in more nutrients than it would without the music. I will do a whole post on Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom sometime when I can to let other Click & Growers here know about it.

After 8 hours soaked with the music (done softly overnight in a separate room) all of my seeds have germinated already, except the cilantro that has a little round hard seed (about the size of some of the fertilizer pellets) but I think I see signs that it’s also beginning to germinate.

Thanks for your response!


Thanks for sharing, that is interesting. :four_leaf_clover: Let us know how it has benefited your plants.

Just make sure you will not over-fertilize the plants- if you would continue adding potassium phosphate, as it seems to be the main component of sonic bloom powder, as the pods already have plant food in them, and adding too much plant food at once may hurt young seedlings.

Also, fruiting plants, such as tomatoes would benefit from growing in Smart Garden 9, as it provides red light spectrum that many plants appreciate.

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