Growing Non-Click & Grow Plants

I recently purchased a set of 12 pellets for growing peppers (Capsicum frutescens).
Normally you places these pellets in the included tray, add water and wait until the pellets expand to 1.5 inches in height. You then places the included seeds on top and cover with peat moss.

Can I grow these in my Click & Grow garden or will the peat moss on top cause problems?
Has anyone else tried this?

I am currently growing tomatoes in two larger jiffy peat pellets and while they are growing, they just aren’t growing that well as those in jiffy peat pellets outside of the click and grow garden under grow lights. I think its because of the pellets are 100% peat with a constant water source, so these pellets become too water logged to be used efficiently in a Click and grow. What I recommend is either use the peat pellets outside of the click and grow or go online and buy some hydroponics pellets as these work well in Click and Grow and don’t get as waterlogged. The only difference I find between the hydroponics pellets/pods and the Click and Grow Experimental pods is that the Experimental pods has fertilizer included in it while generic hydroponic pellets do not (I think its because they assume you add fertiliser to the water tank directly).

I hope this helps!

Also I just wanted to say that I have been very successful starting peppers in the click and grow with experimental pods and generic hydroponic pellets/pods (in pro cups with fertilizer added to the water). I find its a great way to develop strong roots in the peppers before transplanting them into a bigger pot. Wish you the best of luck!

Yes, this has been really helpful.
I will get some hydroponic pellets.
Thank you so much for responding.


I have just looked on and there are many different hydroponic pellets.
Is there one that you would recommend as working well?


Hmmm I don’t think we are talking about these brown marbles :-/

Keeping in mind that I haven’t experimented with a whole lot of brands yet, I particularly like Rapid Rooter hydroponic pods (General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs especially after soaking them in Rapid Start for a few minutes before sowing the seed (General Hydroponics RapidStart for Root Branching, 275ml Unfortunately there’s a huge mark up on price for these products on Amazon but if there’s a hydroponics store or a garden Center that sells hydroponic materials near you should be able to get these or something similar for much cheaper. I also use Click and grow’s pro cups with these (if you don’t have them you can make them yourself by cutting slits or drilling holes in your normal cups) and treat my water tank with small amounts of pH Perfect fertilizer weekly to make up for the lack of fertilizer in the pods (Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Hydroponic Nutrients: Bloom, Micro and Grow 1-Liter PACK OF 3 It all has been working out really well for me, and once again I hope this is all helpful in some way to you.

Happy growing!

Ps- if you want more information on “non-traditional” uses of Click and Grow I recommend on checking out the r/Click&Grow subreddit on I bet there’s lots of helpful info there for you that you would find interesting.

Sorry, I should have mentioned too that all the ferts have been lasting a really long time for me since you only need a small amount each dosing. With the pH Perfect you just use 1-3mL each week from each jug depending on how mature you plants are and with rapid booster I think you only need something like 0.2 or 0.4mL per dosing for soaking the hydroponic pods. They REALLY last a long time. Personally I use a recycled pipette for accurate dosing that was once used for medicine since such small amounts are needed.