Show & tell

What’s your story with Click & Grow? Let’s have a show and tell round!


I’ll start :wink:

So I have been growing using Click & Grow a lot. And I do have developed my favorite setup - that is greek (dwarf) basil, thyme and marjoram in one Smart Garden 9. And rosemary, lavandula and sage in another SG9. I grow both in my kitchen and I use herbs for cooking.

It’s an old picture, but I just love how small, compact and fragrant the herbs are when they are young.

I have grown fruits (especially enjoyed wild strawberries last christmas). But they tend to grow much longer than herbs. To have strawberries for Christmas - you would have to start right now!
Also it takes 3 weeks to start harvesting herbs compared to 3 months for chilies. I’m too impatient to be a gardener probably.

I have also found that the Click & Grow subscription works for me. It is nice to have a surplus of plant pods at my home. A surplus is much better than having none. The hassle of making a separate order for every plant cycle is too much hassle for me. As my friends are also growing with Click & Grow, we change pods or just give them away as presents.

Many people ask me about the price. I like to compare it like this. My greenhouse in my yard costed about 1000€ to build. Plus plants and fertilizers and tools. But as I live in Estonia, I only get to use my greenhouse for 5 months a year (it is too cold and the plants die in September, when they are producing the most).
So a Click & Grow plant is smaller more expensive. But then again I have 6 different herbs in my kitchen. All year around. I value this a lot. And that’s why I keep using it.


I’m still obsessed with my Thyme plant pods. A really humble plant with so many advantages!
I also live in a cold climate and it is such a privilege to be able to grow fresh herbs also during the cold period.


My Cilantro refill inside a controlled environment chamber. Refill works well on any hydroponics set up.


Seems you @kktan88 have has already several harvests from that pod. Is there also nutrients added to the water, no signs of over feeding? Have you tried other C&G pods to grow like this?

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My CG9 has brought me so much joy. I live alone and I have no pets. I work alot and I go to school. I also keep a very dark home because I always have my curtains closed when I’m not home. Which is often. Despite all of this, I was desperate to have a little bit of life in my home. I almost bought a fish. I’m glad I didn’t and bought a CG9 instead! I currently have my 3 starter tomatoes that are at the end of their life cycle. I have 1 yellow tomato that just got some little flowers. My strawberry is flowering as well. I have a peppermint and a lavender, which I have decided I will always try to keep on hand as a natural pest repellent after a brush with ants last summer. And the two with the domes are lemon balm and Black pansey that got mixed up after planting. While one of them sprouted, the other is still woefully empty. I’m trying to be patient. :confused: Since buying my CG9, my grandma bought one, my sister bought one, we got one for my mom this holiday, my sister got one for her grandma in-law, and my best friend bought one. Honestly, I’m kinda waiting for another “give away” post for a chance to win a second one which I want very badly. :upside_down_face: That’s my show and tell for today. Hope you’re all enjoying this new year!


It will do just good here. Awaiting the family to arrive on Wednesday and then I will plant together with the kids.


I’m not sure what kind of climate you live in, but my sister had her CG9 up against a window in her house in New York where it’s very cold, and her plants didn’t do as well as they should have. When I finally convinced her to move it away from the window, her plants had a dramatic come back. So if it’s cold outside, I would slide your CG9 back a tiny bit away from the window before you plant. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. I live on the West coast of Sweden, it is a bit chilly during winter. We have water radiators under each window so it is not cold, but yes I will move it back a couple of inches since it is a bit difference in temperature.


I live in New York with 2 smart garden 9’s up against the window and my plants are fantastic. I have a smart herb garden too which is not up against the window and the growth is as fantastic as the ones up against the window. It is very cold here too, the past week it was in the teens (below 0 Celsius) . I think as long as you don’t have thin windows, ac in winter, or no heating your fine. Maybe one of those things caused your cousins growth to deteriorate.

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Nope. It was literally just her garden being pressed up against the window. The window stays cold when it’s cold outside. The window was also most likely acting as a magnifying glass for the sun, burning the plants daily, and slowly over months. When the garden was finally moved just a few feet over, not against the glass window, the change was drastic.

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Day 13, it’s looking pretty good. Going away over the weekend so I will remove the plastic domes from the basilica (second from left) tomorrow.
Two plants of mini tomatoes, will remove one next week.