Cooking with Click and Grow produce

I was wondering how other growers use the produce. Please :pray: share your ideas and recipes, because I really need more ideas…

Now I just fix quick salads with greens and herbs. So, today I had one cup of iceberg lettuce (experimental pod), one cup of Arugula (my favorite!!) and some dill, parsley and coriander. One hard egg, feta cheese and tomato. Dressing- extra virgin olive oil.

Thank you guys in advance!

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Our C&G is only 4 weeks old - we will make pesto, pizza, bread basillico, pistou, lettuce & tomato sandwiches! Nice looking plate you have!

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You can use the lettuce to make a simple lettuce and sprouts soup.

My mini tomatoes are finally ripe and ready to harvest. I was so surprised how tiny and cute they are, but still have great flavor. I made mini tomato oshitashi - Japanese style pickled tomatoes. Just blached them for 10 seconds, then peeled and soaked them in a mixture miron, sake, soy sauce and dashi stock overnight. I also garnished with some Click and Grow chopped Cinnamon Basil and sesame seeds. Tasted amazing.


I’m absolutely loving the click and grow experience. It’s 8 degrees C outside and I am probably the only one in NYC that has fresh holy basil. My Piri Piri are now starting to turn red so I decided to make the Thai dish Pad Gaprow Pla - stir fried holy basil and chili fish. I couldn’t ask fresher ingredients than this. The Piri Piri chilies definitely packed in the heat. The holy basil was so fragrant. So happy.

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Hi, I love to garnish my salads with edible flowers as well. So here we have oakleaf lettuce, arugula, rainbow chard, red and black pansy and my edible Tagetes (experimental) with olive oil and balsamico.

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