Start position? Kitchen?

Where do I place my click and grow “garden”?
In the kitchen on a window ledge or away from a window?
Where is it best places to start it growing?

I think this depends on what you are growing. For instance, I found that when growing lettuce it is best to be away from sunny windows (as it doesn’t like too much heat). However, when growing tomatoes or peppers sunny windows can help a lot with the ripening process.


Thank you Ray
I am starting with tomatoes and basil

Those both love heat and sun, so I’d place them near a window. Maybe rotate the whole garden 180 degrees every few weeks, so that they don’t start leaning towards the sun. Or just rotate the pods.

That all makes sense, thank you for the tips

I would place it in the Helpful People/Travel Gua of your home!
Upon entering your home, this area would be directly to your right. For instance, my apartment has a kitchen so the click and grow works well here.

Qian: Helpful People & Travel

  • Element: Metal
  • Color: Gray

*Also remember that most seeds provides everything that a plant needs up until their first set of true leaves. Not the cotyledon leaves which look like baby leaves. The light provides plenty of photons to grow all of the plants that are provided within the pods after the plants enter their seedling stage!

*Also every plant is different, if a plant looks to be growing taller, it could be stretching for more light or just has tall genes, (check to see if it is stretching toward a light source or if it is just a tall plant!)

Look into LST (Low stress training) to fix stretched plants.
*Topping is a form of this that works veryyyyyy well for BASIL! After the first 3 nodes/set of leaves are grown, pinch the top off and it will create two new branches, this can be repeated to desired effect.
Fimming is where you leave 1/4 of the top instead of pinching the entire top. It can have very different results, sometimes resulting in 4-8 different branches depending on fim and the plant.

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Thank you Max