Where to place your garden?

Hi, I live in cold Toronto and have placed the garden on a window sill. As the winter sets in, the windows get really cold and they will only become colder. I noticed the warm weather plants (tomatoes, basil, chillies) are slow to grow, where as cool weather (lettuce and bunching onion) are quick to grow.

Should I move the garden to a warmer place, say the kitchen counter? I placed it on the window sill as it also gets natural light.

Thank you.

As you mentioned yourself, basil, tomato and chilies do better in warmer conditions. Also, green lettuce and other salad greens germinate and grow better in colder conditions (they are heat sensitive).

It is safe to say that all plants do well around 22 °C.

What is the temperature on your window sill? Is there also some cold breeze?

The indoor temperature is between 21-23 C. I can’t tell the temperature near the window sill. There’s no cold breeze but it’s close to the HVAC - the heat/ AC system which sucks in the air for ventilation.

Your indoor temp should be a match for all plants.

I live in a cold climate, as it gets colder during the winter I remove mine from the windowsill, because the temps near window decreases to 15C and that is a bit low even for Lettuce.

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Hello. I am waiting a Smart Garden and I ask where to put. I have a kitchen and near it a terrace covered with windows. The terrace in sunny until midday. I leave in the coast with a Mediterranean weather.![image|666x500, 50%](upload://zl


I don’t Know where is better kitchen or terrace.

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Hi @Jul ,

you may place it where ever it is more convenient for you, as long as it is indoors and not exposed to outdoor pests and climate.
Before you click your plants in the garden, check the plant care information and make sure the temperature range is what suggested to the plant. If you choose to grow plants that don’t mind hot temperatures it should also do fine on your terrace.

Hi, I’ve just installed my garden 9 and I’m wandering about where is the best place for the garden ?
I have a room near the closed garage with a small window, is it ok ?
I live in southern France


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Hi @pistou,

A small window is ok, as long as it is not subjected to full sun for the whole day, as it may heat up the water in the tank and some plants are sensitive to high temperatures, you can check preferred temperatures for each plant under plant care on the product page or on the mobile app.

The idea behind indoor gardens is that you should be able to place them where it is more convenient for you.

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