Oops! … We Did It Again

Hello everybody :wave:

Exact two weeks ago, we set up our SG9 and planted it which Pak Choi, Romaine lettuce, green lettuce.
Everything is going fine for now.

Today we set up our second SG9 and put Arugula, Basil, Cilantro in it.
We’ve placed both onto our window sill above one another.

Living in a climate with much rain and wind, we are used to colder temperatures. May be that’s why we don’t like more than 20°C in our living room, but our plants do! And we don’t create fungus problems in our indoor garden.
So, we decided that a window with a room radiator underneath could be a good idea. Now, both SG9 are 23°C warm, while the room temperature is 20°C during the day and 17 in the morning.

The bright light is now coming from a window, which feels very natural. And the fact that it’s behind the sitting area, make it very pleasant.

It’s such a joy to watch our room garden grow day by day.



Congratulations! Great pick of plants to grow.
Yeah, plants usually love temperatures around 20°C, and lettuces the most! It seems like the room temperature is an imitation of the natural day cycle, where it’s colder in the morning and warmer during the day.

Have you tried using the Click and Grow app? There is a lot of information about each plant, harvesting times, and techniques. You can add the plants to the gardens virtually, track their age, and get insightful tips.

It is so soothing to read Your blissful thoughts. :raised_hands: Made me want to go bless my plants with my presence and they give double the amount back too.

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Thank you @Debora🙂
Yes, the app is useful to have. I use it as a plant encyclopaedia. Meanwhile at day 3 of my new Smart Garden 9, all 3 of Arugula and Basil are showing their leaves. The Arugula plants are actually clearly in the lead with their strengths and leafiness. Cilandro, my favourite herb and the terror of my dear husband, is still sleeping🤫
This little piece of Nature in our home is an exciting and joyful experience. Happy growing to us all.:four_leaf_clover: