Getting correct temperature with Smart Garden 9

I just set up my SG9. The room its located in is in the basement and can be at a constant temperature between 20C and 22C (depending on how I adjust the vents). I see on the forum that for tomatoes the ideal temperature is 26C and that a number of people used seedling mats for better results.

However I’m worried that if I were to put a heat mat under the side with the tomatoes it would simply heat up the water in the entire unit, causing issues for the salad greens. Does anyone have suggestions for how to grow fruiting plants in the same unit as greens that prefer cooler temperatures? The starter kit includes both tomatoes and green lettuce so I’m guessing there must be a way to do this!



I live in temperate climate and the temp ranges from 18 to 22C in my livingroom. It does not seem to have negative impact on my tomato, and my lettuce loved it.
For tomato the temperature range given under plant care is 20 °C–35 °C, so your tomatoes will probably do just fine. Just don’t forget to thin the pods if more than one seedling sprout in one pod.

Ok, thanks for your help!