Mini Tomato not Sprouting

Hi - I planted my mini tomato a week ago and it’s not sprouting like my other plants. You can only see the nutrient balls and a tiny sprout hidden - is there anything you would recommend to help the sprouting process?

Tomatoes are a bit slower than lettuce and basil. They do like higher temperatures, do you know what’s the temperature in the room where the garden is installed? If it’s below 22 degrees Celsius try rising the temperature, tomatoes enjoy temperatures as high as 30 degrees, but anything above 22 should be fine.


Patience. It’d come out tomorrow, or the day after :blush:

Thanks for the tip, its typically in a room that’s 22 degrees (72 F) or warmer during the day, but might go down to 20 degrees (68 F) at night.

I’ve moved it to an room where it stays warmer than 22 degrees the whole time and hopefully it sprouts.