Mini tomatoes very slow growing and still green

I started the many tomatoes in my smart Garden 9 about 3 months ago. I just replanted them into a pot last week.

These tomatoes take forever to turn red and ever another month then to be ready to pick. On a regular size tomato it usually takes 20-30 days from blossom to green fruit and another 20-30 days to go from green to red. Ambient temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or soil temperatures above 80 degrees are the primary reasons tomato plants put the brakes on ripening. Occasionally, a plant is so heavily laden with green fruits that it simply lacks the energy to support them all to ripening. Some gardeners remove the smallest tomatoes on an over-burdened plant; increasing mulch and water for plants suffering from hot roots can also speed ripening. You did a great job in removing the suckers.

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Thanks Pat! It’s so funny though that after I submitted this post/question the tomatoes started turning red, lol!!

But as far as you’re advice for the replanting, I replanted them into a pot indoors I live in apartment and don’t have it backyard. But it seems despite that they are now finally doing very well.