Mini-tomatoes : update + 2 questions

I’m really happy with my mini-tomato garden. Much fruit in a variety of sizes and growing daily. I have two questions. What size do ripe tomatoes achieve? My largest is about 1.5 cm. Some are whitening a bit but no sign of color and that’s fine. But I don’t know what to expect for size; I’d kind of like to. Second question. At last count, as best I could, there were 35 tomatoes with more seemingly appearing daily. Should I augment the original pod’s nutrients since there are so many “mouths” to feed?

The photos were taken a couple of days ago (2 March).1036 1041 1042

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Hi @HappyME

Your tomatoes will ripen in about the size they are now. Btw, very nice staking!

As the fruits are maturing the plants will slowly degrade. This means that some leaves will die back and you should remove those.
I would not recommend adding even more nutrients, as at that stage of fruit formation the plant would not benefit from it and excess nutrients will end up on your plate.

Hi @Mirjam

Excellent advice. As usual here abouts. I’m pleased (very!) with the plants but didn’t realize they’d be quite as small as this. No problem; it’s the process and the plants that have held my interest. They’ve become good friends. :sunglasses:

Thanks again. Be safe and take good care of those you love.

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Did your tomato ripen?

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I don’t know if this was to me. Might have been so I’ll stick in a response. They sure did. I counted 38 ripening a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the crop today. The plants are getting scraggly and I’ve already “harvested” a few but I’m so much more than pleased. They’ve been a delight to work with.

-HappyME (very!)


I’ll reply again (should have done this one first) to welcome you to this really nifty community. People are nice here. And helpful. I’ve had really good advice to some sometimes pretty stupid questions.

So. Welcome, @linda1945. We’re glad you’re here! :sunglasses:


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Hi Happy Me. I am a beginner working on my first garden. Your pictures give me encouragement. It looks like a fine crop! Do you have just one arm on your lights or do you have an extension?

Hi @CindyS . Welcome; I’m glad you’re here.

I think I had both extensions in by the end of my “crop”. That was too high but I felt that just one plus the light bar wasn’t enough. Anyway, you have to play it by ear anyway and you do want to keep the lights above the plants, not touching. So a little high is better than too low.

Good luck. I hope you post photos; it’s fun to see what others are doing.

NB: I’m thinking an item for the C&G Suggestion Box would be to offer a half-high extension so we’d have more flexibility. But there isn’t one. Nor is there a suggestion box that I know of 8-).

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Thanks. I have the Smart Garden 9. I hadn’t realized I could or should order extensions at first.

My apologies. It never occurred to me (it should have) that the SG9 started with a different setup.

I also got to thinking. I honestly can’t remember and my photos don’t show enough to be sure - but I think maybe I never had more than one extension in. It’s self fulfilling though; it they near the light bar, it’s time to add an extension. I don’t think any of the C&G pods is likely to grow taller than the unit with full extension.

Are you growing 9 tomatoes or an assortment?

[Be safe]


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I had 2 tomatoes but 1 is almost dead so they are sending me a replacement. I have 2 lettuce, 1 basil, 2 yellow peppers and 2 red leaf beet. The lettuce is farthest ahead but outer leaves are limp, dry and yellowing. The app says I can start harvesting outer leaves of the red beet but they aren’t very big!

Here’s a photo showing my dying tomato just above the good tomato. This was 32 days from planting I think. Both tomatoes started out the same. Not sure what happened.

This is my wilty lettuce.

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I see what you’re dealing with. I’m wondering about the water. But it looks like you can’t over-water with the SG9 and that’s the only thing I could come up with so …

I think maybe we should hope one of the experts joins in. I’m not very experienced, especially with problems. That’s a good thing but doesn’t help when it comes time to offer assistance or advice. I feel sure one of the others is “lurking” so maybe help will come soon.

Meanwhile, I have to say, I envy you the 9-holer. I don’t have the funds or the space for such a rig but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it!! :sunglasses:

Take care and we’ll hope for some suggestions soon.


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Yes, I have had my mini tomato pods grow above the one extension and light bar. Been wondering if I should get some extensions for when this happens!

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Hiya from me.
I’ve had my 9 for a couple of months now. Basil, Yellow Toms, doing very well. Your lettuce plant is fine. Lettuce likes to be snipped…encourages growth. Leaves on a sandwich etc. You will get 6 or seven good crops just by regular sandwich snipping. Tomato is simply a classic dudd pod. All plants have caualties. Red leaf is a snipper…You’re doing well.