Only 2 green mini tomato’s after almost 2 months

Is this normal? 2 mini green tomato’s from 3 pods after almost 2 months. I started them on 4/28.

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Hey Mjs!

Of course, there could be more fruits but I think I see some new flowers developing in the greenery - they aren’t done yet :wink: Tomato plants take around 3-4 months (last harvest time) before switching to new pods.

How are the other two plants doing? It’s tough to see from this angle.
Did all plants germinate and grow well? Is the temperature below 30 C/ 85 F degrees around the garden?

I think the main reason why there are not many fruits is the light availability. It looks dark around the tomatoes. I’d try cropping some leaves that are shading the flowers, also you can remove yellowing leaves from the bottom if they appear.

There’s also an option to repot the tomatoes into bigger pots and grow them on your windowsill or somewhere where it gets additional light.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, one plant did have some flowers and I now have 8 tomatoes growing. Is that normal? To wait almost 3 months for 8 small tomatoes? The front tomato plant was sad looking and had no flowers so I gave up on it and planted some dill. The tomato plant in the back grew above the lights and is also not doing well so I may need to just take it out. One little tomato fell off the vine and is ripening off the plant. Should I let the rest ripen on the plant ? The temp in our condo is definitely below 85 degrees F but on the warmer side based on the feedback I got when my lettuce wasn’t doing so well. I was still able to harvest from 2 pods but they never got that big. (Right now our condo is 77 degrees F).
The basil has been great and is getting near its end I think. The red chard was planted on 6/4. Any advice? Tips?

Also, is filtered water from our zero water pitcher ok to use?

Yes, 8 tomatoes is quite a result for one tomato plant. :slight_smile: Leave the rest to ripen on the plant. You can harvest them when they turn deep red. The tomato in the back I think it can stay there, until the fruits ripen, if you’re up for it you can leave the ceiling/wall light on for a longer time for that plant.

Okay, the temperatures seem to be great. No worries there.

Yes, the basil seems to be finishing as the leaves turn shiny and stiff. Put them to use :leafy_green:
Chard can be used up to 6-7 weeks, but I’d advise to start harvesting from now, just cutting off the outer leaves moving inward.

I’m not sure what the zero water pitcher is, but filtered water will do great.


is that like a Brita filter? If so then I would say yes. I always water my plants with filtered water.

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