Lettuce and tomatoes just the same

Hi there,
I planted these I would say well over a month ago. The lettuce I harvested a few leaves once and the tomatoes, well, these are the tomatoes no flowers at all! I got rid of the green leaf lettuce and just planted the middle kale last week. It’s like they’re never going to grow any more and now I think the lettuce is done. I have had little luck with this, after thrips in my first basil run, I finally got a good bounty, but this is my second planting and a whole lot of nothing. I’ve looked at the topics and nothing quite fits my issue. See photo.

Hello @Maureenrm

The tomato looks grand, it usually starts to flower around 40-50 days of growing.
Lettuces are harvestable around 3-6 weeks of growing and are swift compared to tomatoes taking around 90-120 days to yield fruits.

Patience is the key to gardening. :slight_smile: You are doing great.