Curled Tomato plant leaves

Hi ,
I am new to this gardening. My lettuce was great . The tomato plant has lots of green tomatoes but all the leaves are curling up into themselves. I noticed a bit of mold on the soil and so I covered the soil with some cinnamon. Seemed to help at first but now it is bad again. Also the tomatoes are not turning red.

Hi @Basillur!

Could you please add a picture of your tomatoes so we could take a look?
The coloring of the tomatoes takes some time.
Here’s a timeline of what to expect when growing mini tomatoes in your indoor garden:
7 - 21 days : Sprouts appear. Remember to thin your pods to 1 seedling. This ensures the plant has sufficient space, light and nutrients to grow.
22 - 39 days : This is a good time to stake your plants as it will help them grow upwards and prepare to bear heavy fruit.
40 - 60 days : Your plant’s yellow flowers will start to appear - remember to pollinate them! Do this by gently shaking your plants to mimic a bee. You could also use your finger or a small brush to carry pollen from one blossom to the next.
61 - 72 days : You may notice some yellow petals falling off. This is perfectly normal - not every flower will become a fruit.
73 - 89 days : Green tomatoes may start to grow during this time. They won’t turn red until they’re fully formed.
90 - 110 days : Your mini tomatoes will ripen during this time. Once they’re red, they’re ready to eat, although the taste becomes even sweeter if you let them ripen for another 1-2 weeks. After this, the plant will naturally begin to degrade as it’s fulfilled its purpose.

Here is a video how to remove mold: Growing MOLD? Find Out How To Remove It Quick! - YouTube