How long does it take for mini tomatoes to harvest?

I have read instructions on plant care but am unsure how long it takes mini tomatoes to be ready for harvest?

I started my mini tomatoes on November 30. The first tomatoes turned red enough to harvest around March 1. I’ve harvested about 30 tomatoes on the three pods and there are about 6-8 that haven’t yet turned red.

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I planted mini tomatoes at the end of November. I left one pod in place. Now in late September it has started to grow again and has four new blossoms!

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the maturing of tomato fruits may take a bit longer in some cases, depending on temperature range and if there is natural light available for the plant.
The fruits also need to reach their full size before they change the color, but the growing cycle of yours seems much, much longer…?

In general, fruits should mature in between 4 to 5 months after planting the pod to your indoor garden.