Salad pods not growing

I started my pods on 4/28. So, 10 days ago so far. I’m assuming they are growing as they should, except Im questioning the lettuce pods. One pod has no growth at all, another just one small green dot of a sprout popping through. The third has 3 small leaves popping through. Is this normal?

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Welcome @Mjs

Thanks for reaching out! They seem to be doing great. You can soon remove the plastic seethrough domes.

I see your concern here, the lettuces do look weak compared to tomatoes and basils. With living components like seeds, there can be some inconsistencies from time to time. As this is the starter kit package we’re really sorry that some lettuce pods are performing below their standards. That three-leaved one should grow normally, but let us know if it has not grown bigger in a week.
The lettuces do usually come up within 7-14 days but sometimes it can take up to 21 days. Let’s see if the third one germinates by the 21st day, then there’s no need for a replacement. But if it fails you can submit a request for replacement. This means the lettuces will grow slower than expected (longer germination time) but they can be harvested already from 35-45 days of growing.

Please contact our Support here:
You are eligible for a replacement plant pod if any of the following has occurred:

  • No germination after 3 weeks.
  • Plant has a disease.
  • Plant has been affected by pests.

Oh and if you are not yet using our App Click and Grow then I recommend downloading it, it has timed tips for every plant that you’re growing.
Soon there’s a need to thin out smaller tomatoes, leaving one healthy stem to grow. It’s a crucial step because otherwise, the extra seedlings are taking up space and nutrients.

Happy growing! :seedling:

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Ok, thank you. I will see what happens after 3 weeks. (19 more days).

From the moment that you put the pods in the countdown can begin. Hope it will germinate before that. :seedling:

All the best


So one salad pod has no growth. One really small growth. Is the 3rd on track. It’s day 22.

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Thanks for the update!

Seems like it’s best to contact the Support about that. Lettuces sometimes fail to germinate. Others will just take a little bit more time than expected from them. Because this depends heavily on the conditions around the garden and the seed itself.

Basils and tomatoes look great! Be sure to take out extra tomato seedlings and leave one stem per pod! Basils can stay like they are.

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