Plants not growing

Hi is there any reason why my rose mary and lettuce couldnt grow as it has been almost a month

I saw light greenish and red pellet in the pods. What are they?

Hi Kuaile,

Until someone answers who can give you a proper answer I noticed a round red ball/pellet on the top of one recently purchased pod that I’ve never seen before along w/round ones down inside the pods themselves. I assumed these are nutrients the plants need to grow and esp because there are often multiple plants growing in one pod.

Have you looked at the Plant Care heading for both of those plants? You’ll find details regarding the time it takes for those plants’ seeds to sprout, grow to full size, and how long you can expect them to produce for you. For example, after a quick glance at the rosemary Plant Care page I see that a month isn’t unusual for seed germination.

Hopefully someone who grows/has grown both of those will be able to give you more information for your specific plants.



The red pellet is most likely indeed plant nutrients.
Rosemary can be slow, but 1 month is too long. For lettuce it is also too long. Write to our support and they will sort it out.

It might be that the seeds got loose or damaged during the transport. It sometimes can happen, if the package is left into direct sunshine or shaken very heavily.

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