32 days in, no growth and moldy


Hey, so according to the app I’ve pop these for 32 days and they are bound to sprout in 7-21 days, peppermint, basil and rosemary. Is it normal to take this long? It says that algae isnt harmful and ive tried taking off the domes for 24hrs and sprinkling cinnamon on 1 of the pod, 1 of the pod’s centre is already covered in algae? I’m disappointed. I used filtered water and my home temp is within the requirement. Anyone has advices? I would appreciate it alot. Thank you.

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more pic

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Hi @LaeaH,

I’m really sorry to hear that you are encountering troubles with germination. Only rosemary would need more time to sprout, but, other plant pods you mentioned should grow fast and very well at all regions.

Please, let the support know about this issue, faulty pods are replaced for free. Please keep in mind there might be a little (2 days) delay with the first reply.