How long to wait for sprouting?

Hi, complete newbie with SG9 planted with nine different species.

Just for reference, how long does one wait before asking support for a replacement pod?

Currently my fruiting plants (strawberry tomato yellow pepper) and peppermint have not started. The app tells me that peppermint should’ve sprouted by now. None of these are older than the sprouting range given for the species.

I know plants have different timetables and at only six days it’s way too early to decide!
Pleasantly surprised that about half the pods have sprouted; three enough to remove the domes. Even the Moss Rose has a very tiny sprout providing a speck of green.

So I wouldn’t be asking customer service for anything yet, but I’d like to know when is a reasonable time if growth does not appear. At the end of the sprouting range given in the app?

Thanks. It’s fun to see so much progress daily!

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Welcome @Lekmo

Indeed, plant pods have quite different requirements to sprout, and some need more time. Peppers also need min 20C to spout and seedlings appear much faster if you can raise the temperature.

It’s great that you are already using the app, it shows you “sprouts in” for every plant and will continue to provide timed tips.
In general, it would be wise to wait three weeks until you submit a request. Peppers genuinely need more time to sprout than moss rose. If peppers don’t sprout in three weeks we are happy to replace faulty pods for free.