One of my Oregano isn't sprouting

Hi! I am new to gardening and I am experiencing small problems; The third one form the right side, it is an oregano pod and it won’t sprout like the two other. Any ideas or tips for this?

I am also having a hard time with my decorative Lace Fern (the three in the middle) but I think it’s because it is too cold in my appartement (between 20 to 22 C).

The three on the left are Rosemary.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Icarusael,

I’m more than happy to welcome you on this gardening journey. Nice planting there, all of them are quite fun plants. Could you tell me how long these have been growing already? The temperature range is decent, and all plants will do great.
One of the oreganos seems like it has fewer seeds in the pods than the other two, but I see one green speckle there :crossed_fingers: But this is still less than expected. You could contact our Support team, who would be happy to replace the faulty pod. Here’s the link to the request page. But as we are dealing with nature, anything can happen sometimes not all seeds decide it’s time to sprout. I wouldn’t give up on this pod but you could check inside the pod if you see any more sprouts coming there.

On the other hand, Lace fern has one of the longest sprouting times among C&G plants - but it’s worth the wait! So germination could take up to 30 days and then you’ll slowly start noticing the green stem stretching to towards the light. One way to know if they are germinating is to check the roots. If you take the pod out of the cup and see below, there should be a white-coloured root emerging. This means that the seedlings have started stretching their roots. Another thing you can do to help them grow is to remove the mould and algae from the top part of the pods. It’s common to get these on lace fern pods and easily removed.

Hope this helps!

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Hi! Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: They have all been growing for 40 days exactly. I’ll definitivly not give up on that oregano pod, I’ve always been the slowest myself in everything in life :smiling_face_with_tear:

I just checked for those white roots underneath the Lace Fern and there was none, but when I was about to check for the top one, I saw a green stem so I didn’t touch it :stuck_out_tongue: this one is doing fine! Funny how the mould and algae just thrive in a U shape where the light hit; under the lid, there is nothing.

Hoping for the best! Thanks again!

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Sure, no problem. I think you’re doing just fine - the start can be wonky but oregano will catch up soon.
So great to hear that at least one lace fern germinated already! Here’s the same case Support will replace any ungerminated pods, so hit them up.

Yes, mould and algae both feed on the light and humidity there. Unfortunately quite a common sight in hydroponics and other similar systems.