Leggy plants

Hello! I have a lavender pod which has been growing for 75 days but as it grows higher, it started to unable to support itself. Is there anything I can do in such that it can grow upright independently?

Hey! How are the conditions (temperature, and has the light been on properly throughout the germination cycle)?
Are there any unsprouted pods on the sides?

I’m only growing two pods! Previously, I actually had a basil planted on the right of lavender whereby the lavender was potted 2-3weeks later than basil. Because the basil grew way faster than the lavender, I had to extend the lamp height which I think it was the cause of lavender being leggy. By the time I started to notice that issue, I changed the lamp back to one arm length. And the lavender haven’t recovered from being leggy ever since.

Currently, the basil is replaced with an apple mint which sprouted recently. The temperature is about 26-30dc and the light has been on throughout for the fixed amount of time.

Aah, gotcha - the temperature might be a bit on the higher end but if the current rosemary doesn’t pick up the pace in the coming week then let our support team know (support@clickandgrow.com) and we’ll help out with a possible replacement.

Okay! Does that mean with time, the lavender will straighten upright independently without the need of doing anything?