Plants not growing straight up?

For some reason, my lavender & moss rose plants are growing sideways causing them to droop downwards. They are very full & seem healthy, but they refuse to stand up straight & are taking up a lot of space width-wise.

They are about 2 months old & neither have yet to bloom :frowning:

I didn’t think anything of it until I saw other user’s photos of these plants & noticed their plants are growing upwards & stand up straight.

Any advice??


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Hi @Ktru333

Yes, sometimes they tend to grow like a ball of mess, especially lavender and moss rose may grow sideways, but that will not stop them from flowering. There is no need to force them to grow upwards. The beginning of flowering also depends on the temperature range, warm temperatures encourage the formation of flower buds for both of them. Possibly, it just requires a little more time.

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