Need help with Lavender & sweet alyssum

Dear C&G,

I planted the french marigold together with the lavender and sweet alyssum at the same time. It has been about 2 months. The french marigold has growth but the lavender and sweet alyssum doesn’t seems to be growing. What is wrong with the lavender and sweet alyssum? Please advise. Thanks.


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It seems that your Lavender and Sweet alyssum are not getting enough light, since French Marigold is much more faster growing plant.

Also, your lamp setting concerns me. It is strongly recommended to start pods with one lamp arm. If the lamp is set too high it promotes stretched growth and the plants grow leggy.

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It started at level 1. I had to raise it by 1 level each time as the French marigold is reaching the lamp.

I’ll transfer the 2 small plants to another SG3 and see how it goes.


Just an update… the lavender dried out and died while the sweet alyssum is going strong.