Lavender not blooming

This Lavender is 50 days old. I know that it is growing in SHG, but I really want to have it blooming. Is there anything we could do?

A plant usually blooms faster if some environmental conditions are not right.

So to make a plant bloom faster

  • pretend that autumn is coming (shorter days, colder temperatures)
  • cut it (make some stress)
  • make water stress (by removing water)

These are experimental techniques and they are unique for all species.
However, I would think about putting the plant into a refrigerator (not freezer!) for some hours. Not tested!!

Or you can just wait. It will bloom soon anyway.


Cool tips! Thanks for sharing @priit Might try out some of these myself.

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Lavender usually requires a lot of light and warmth to produce flowers. If possible, place the garden to direct sunlight.
Other than that it just takes patience.


So this article here states, that you should let your Lavender dry out. Maybe this helps?

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Hey! Here is one Lavender that is grown in SG9, but due to lack of light (2 pairs of extensions) the Lavender is not blooming.
Lavender loves light! SG9 should be used with 1 pair of extensions at all times.

Yes, that is so true that Lavender loves light @kristiluha. Smart Garden 9 is meant to be used with 1 pair of extrusions (very few plants need 2 pairs).

The plant looks super healthy though. If the plant looks too leggy or trailing feel free to cut it back by half to promote new growth and flowering (after you lower the lamp a bit).