Lavender transplanted to pot in tropical Singapore

Here is a picture of Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) of the dwarf variety, specifically Blue Scent.

This is around 16 weeks old. It was originally grown from seed in my SG9 until 10 weeks old before transplanting to this pot.

The Blue Scent is highly fragrant and endlessly branching without any need for pinching and pruning. The habit is highly dense with a nice pleasing shape.

Two weeks ago it started to form a spike or two and the buds bloomed about 2 days ago.

Strangely the colour is more pinkish than blue or violet which got me thinking if I might have mislabelled the seedling in the first place. Well anyway this is a nice looking lavender.

I’m hoping more spikes will appear soon. Any tips?!


Never seen this lavender with pink buds but it is still a pretty color for its 1st season. Lavender is more consistent in flowering in following seasons so maybe the next time it will have more purple color.

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@Pat_Acton, yeah I’m surprised it turned out pink rather than blue or violet that it’s supposed to.

Thanks for the tip that the next season will be more consistent. Anyway blue or pink, I still like this shape and bushiness.

Perhaps the fact that this is directly under a strong LED has something to do with the colour of blooms. I cannot put this outdoors as I think Singapore is too hot and humid for it to survive.

Since we do not have 4 seasons, it might just bloom on and on …I don’t know but I’ll report if it continues to bloom in December :slight_smile:

Cheers !


What kind of grow light are you using? Is it on a timer or is on 24 hours?

@noipv4 I use a single unit Cree CXB3590 based LED since I cannot get enough light intensity indoors that lavender needs to thrive. A cheaper alternative is Citizen CLU048-1212 based LED. I have an Alexa enabled home and I use a compatible smart plug to automate the light timer on 16 hours a day. The power draw seems low since I do not have an appreciable increase in my power bills.


Thanks for the detailed specs. !!

is it normal that the first leave fall off and only left stem in lavender? My lavender seems like something wrong.

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Welcome, @Mai_Shine! The first leaves may fall off after the other leaves mature and grows bigger. Lavender tends to elongate unless the lights are intense enough. I find that in order for it not to expend too much energy to elongate you need more light. Others may have a different experience. Put it near a bright window. After 10 weeks it will start to flower. You can repot it then.


Hi ! I am in love with your beautiful repotted lavender plants ! Thanks for sharing so much useful information with the community (: I was wondering if you would mind advising on the soil constituents upon repotting? Or any tips on repotting to ensure continual health of the plants ? Thanks for reading and sharing once again.