Lavender Outdoors

Hi! I live in Zone 7a, and I’d like to transfer my mature click and grow. lavender to pots outside as the plant has outgrown my click and grow garden.

I understand that English lavender is the most hearty and most likely to survive the winter, which is my big hope for this plant. (is click and grow lavender English??)

Has anyone had success propagating their lavender plants and transitioning them outside?

Right now it’s late spring and our temperatures are 68F, but I would like these plants to re-grow next year too after the winter.

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I live in zone 6B and have 6 different kinds of lavender that I have transitioned to outside several years ago. They are on the east side of the house and sheltered against the wall with large eves over them. They have done very well there with 2 blooming sessions each year. Enough that I get a lot of lavender buds to cook with all year. Think they would do better in full sun and may move them at the end of the summer. The area moving to will be more exposed to the elements but in full sun so I will wrap burlap around them as I do my rosemary.

I Live in 6B also, northern shores of Lake Ontario. During the winter I cover my lavender with pyramids made out of Coroplast (4 equilateral triangles, 2 feet side, glued with a hot melt gun), November to April. I have them for 6 years now.