Dwarf Lavender Varieties in SG9

Here is a picture of the current batch of several Dwarf Lavender varieties grown from seeds in my SG9. With the exception of one pod, the rest are growing vigorously and budding. This is at week 5. I am supplementing light with two LED lamps. I will transplant them in a week or two.

Where I am in Singapore, we have hot and humid climate which is poor for many plants available as click and grow pods. Hence lavender remains a challenge to grow and thrive in Singapore.

The lavender seeds are purchased from various sources based on their dwarf characteristics. I cold treat them in the refrigerator and germinate them in a lock&lock lunch box in the refrigerator. They remain viable for many months until they are ready for the SG9. The germinated seedlings once put into the SG9 will grow robustly within a week usually.

I have had some limited success in sustaining them when transplanted into pots but many are struggling to thrive. Currently I am trying to dial in the best conditions required for them to thrive locally. I am experimenting with the optimal amount of water and also the medium required for best growth.


nice experiment set up! Can you also tell which cultivar is performing better than others and what is the temp range indoors for now?


The only cultivar which is sustainable when transplanted to pot is the Nana Alba - white lavender. The rest are not quite there yet. I am trying to find out why.


Hi there! Your Lavenders look lovely! Could you teach me a trick or 2? My lavenders are messy and leggy. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Are they supposed to look like this? Thank u in advance peeps for ur help!

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They look to be growing vigorously. I don’t know if this is how this variety should be. I have had something like this with two of the dwarf cultivars before.

How many weeks are these?

Also I have supplemented the light with two additional LED grow light and you can see in the pic. Lavenders love strong light and I dont know if that could have helped. Even so, as you can see from my pic, the pod on the left looks rather leggy as well. These are around 4-5 weeks.

Happy New Year to everyone here.

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