Enquiry on Smart Garden 3, 9, 27

Hi. I have been a SG 3 user and wonder what’s the difference between the types of SG besides the capacity? Is there any difference in terms of efficiency?

Also, I am based in an Asian country - Singapore. I have attempted several species - lavender, strawberry, apple mint, peppermint, busy lizzie, lettuce, Basil.

I have only successfully managed to get apple mint and busy lizzie sprouted and sustaining as a plant now.

I have also managed to get two lavender pods sprouted after many unsuccessful pods.

The rest of my attempts in other species did not even sprout. I am pretty sure my water level is within the advised limit, lights are on until the timer switches it off, dome and u shape lids are always placed on until the sprouts grew out of it.

Anyone else in Singapore facing similar problems?

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Hi, welcome to the community @Qiu !

The main difference between Smart Garden 3 and 9 is that 9 comes with red and white LEDs, Smart Garden 3 has only white LEDs. Red lamps promote plant growth, especially for plants that bear fruits and flowers. That is the main difference, everything else is more or less the same. All pods and plant cups fit both products. And Smart Garden 27 is basically 3 x Smart Garden 9 that comes with a plant stand.

Some plants may fail in Singapore’s climate due to temperature preferences. Every plant has its preferences regarding temperature. You can find this information on the product page, on the package, or on the app. But, Basil for example should do just fine. So, if you happen to have a faulty pod, definitely submit a ticket to the support. Click and Grow has a policy that faulty pods will be replaced for free.

I’m not from Singapore, but I hope you find this info helpful :slight_smile:

Hi @Qiu . This is totally a guess but could there be anything in the water that would inhibit sprouting? I don’t know the requirements or the chemistry but that would seem to the the primary variable in your set-up. As I say, it’s a stab in the dark but I thought I’d run it by the gurus hereabouts.

Hi there. I’m based in sg too. I was successful with lavender and tomatoes when I place them in non air con spaces. However, only 1 out of 3 lavender pods gave me flowers, just one stalk. Haha. I had lots of tomatoes th

o. But when I place my s9 in air con room, 16h a day since its wfh nowadays, my cornflower, sweet alysum were successful. So I believe temp is crucial :slight_smile:


Hello @St3phy Wonderful looking series of plants. I’m now contemplating to buy one, but I m wondering when you mentioned placing the plants in an air con environment, do you have the AC on the whole day, or just some parts of the day/night? : )

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Hello. For wkday, I usu on Air con about 10h a day, off at night. As for wkends, probably 5h a day. My space is enclosed, and not airy. Hope this helps !

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