Small and disappointing plants everytime

I’ve had a smart garden 3 since late 2017 and always had something growing in it, but the plants have always looked so small and disappointing… The first time I though I just did not do a good enough job pruning them and take care of them. (I got 3 eatable lettuce leaf from the lettuce pod :unamused:). Then the same happened next time as well; short plants yielding almost nothing (the wild strawberry newer did anything else than producing 2 flowers) except the tomato plant that did give me some super tiny tomatoes.

I have only ever used 1 of the light extensions when the plants have grown up some and after that then they just reach half way up to the light (at the most).

I know I have been taking some photos of them before with the intent to ask about this earlier, but can’t seam to find them and I always hoped it would get better the next time…

This week I planted a new batch of pods (chili, basil and chives).
Can I please have guidance through this process? I really do not want to give up hope on having fresh herbs growing om my kitchen counter :slightly_smiling_face:

Really sorry to hear that you have encountered problems with your plant pods.

Have you contacted support about your concerns?

Main thing is to follow plant care suggestions e.g thinning, pollinating… You can find it under products on our webstore or you can scan the QR code on the 3-pack lid.

What is the average temperature range at where you are? Some pods are more heat sensitive than others and their germination and growth is often limited.

I haven’t contacted support before. Always figured it would go better next time and then just forgetting about it.

I will look more closely at the pruning videos for this batch of plants and make sure I do that correct at least. :blush:

I’m in Norway so the outside temperature can vary a lot, but we try to keep it at around 20°C indoors.

Plants I have tried: basil, lettuce (not sure which), cilantro, tomatoes, wild strawberry, experimental-pod (with some flower seeds I do not remember the name of)

The Smart Garden 3 is suitable for herbs and lettuce since it is missing the red light, if I understood it right.

I planted romaine lettuce, basil, rucola and tomatoes on January 11 in a SM9. Basil is near its second harvest, rucola came out just great and quite a lot, romaine lettuce is still som left it also had a good yield.
As for tomatoes I have 4 tiny one and lots of flowers, so it is looking pretty good, maybe planted a bit early since they like it a bit warmer.

I live in Sweden, so the climate should be pretty much the same.
Lights goes on 04:30 and off 20:30.
The Smart Garden is placed near a window a radiator directly under it and room temperature around 20° C.
The way I think is that if it is not the time of the year or the right climate to plant it in a regular pot it is probably not right to plant it in a Smart Garden.

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Hi, elin. Just saw your post. I use to use an Aerogarden unit and learned to use a seed heating mat under the unit. So when I switched over to the Click & Grow, I continued to use the mat. Seeds germinate better when warm. But I never turn it off since I’m starting plants all year long. So when I am growing tender plants that like to be cooler, like lettuce, I transplant them so their roots can be cooler. And I use a lot of my own seeds in the experimental pods also. The pods are wonderful for starting them.

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Never heard of heating mats for seeds before…
My garden is standing next to an outer wall and a small window (that can’t be opened). The temperature could absolutley be varying more there than other parts of the appartment.

@Pat_Acton: when transplanting plants; how and when in the growt progress do you do it? Do you place them near the smart garden light or a different part of the house?
When I have done this once before, I just put the pod in some regular soil near the light. Not very successful :yum:

The mats come in different sizes. I have 2 large ones and a small one. You can get them from garden centers, from the numerous gardening catalogs you might be getting, and online. I have the ones that just plug in but there are some new ones that have thermostats but cost a lot more. I have had mine for years with no problems and adding anything that might screw up isn’t for me.

hmm… This time nothing is good… Never had mold on my pods before… Just the basil and chives though. The chili seams mold free, but no sprout…