How I am using my 9 pod system

I am growing lunch box peppers, mini yellow tomatoes and wild strawberries. The leaves of the peppers will ultimately dominate the light, and the strawberries are low growing. Also the pods have a limited life of nutrients. Therefore, I transferred the strawberries to an outside patio planter, just place the full pod without plastic in the planter. If you’re in a southern region it should grow all year. I am also getting ready to transplant the peppers and tomatoes to a rectangular planter on the balcony where there’ll get much more lifetime than just the pod. My goal is that the pods will just be the incubation period until flowers develop. These strawberries were just transplanted yesterday.

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ohh that’s nice! I live in a temperate climate and I also use smart garden 9 to start plants indoors that I will plant in a greenhouse or just outdoors later. Did very well with some annual flowers, cucumbers, and mostly had success with peppers and tomatoes.

In the summer I use it for greens (too hot outside for greens here) and winter is all about fresh herbs- so, the whole year is covered.

Atm I also have some seedlings of Foxgloves growing, I used Experimental plant pods, I will plant them out soon and as biennials, they will flower next year. :crossed_fingers:

I like having greens but the pods don’t make enough, or large enough. Two full heads of romaine only were enough for 4 smoothies or probably 2 salads and their done. So my goal is to stick with items that provide more food for longer times.


Have you tried growing herbs, they last longer and give multiple harvest if the cutting technique is correct.

I grow some of the herbs I need in a greenhouse, but long herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, garden sage, lemon balm and dwarf basil I keep in a smart garden, especially during winter.

I just wish there was more room. For the cost of the product there is not enough yield.

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More room, do you mean that there isn’t enough spaces for plant cups or plants would need more space to grow.
For herbs I also use the pro-cup. It allows roots to grow more freely and plants are also much healthier and produce more yield.

I mean the fake dirt in the cup is not big enough to support more than a few months growth. As soon as I transplanted them to a planter on the balcony the mini tomatoes exploded with new flowers.

In just a week I have 6 new tomatoes

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Hi GaryL, I am newbie and green with envy. You must have real awesome green fingers. I hope I’ll learn how to get to something like in your pot. :+1: