Growth report: mixed pots

I’ve been growing strawbs, tomatoes, and chilis (one pot each, all planted in Feb) and I’m sorry to say the results have been mediocre.

  • Mini yellow tomato: four fruits, tiny but tasty. That’s it. More flowers, but no more fruits.
  • Wild strawberry: a dozen or so micro-strawberries, a bit squishy as wild strawbs often are,
  • Yellow chilis: still growing, they’re about 3cm long and green still. Not sure if they’ll ever mature.

Everything seemed to go according to plan, but just came up with rather less than I was expecting. Plus the business of roothairs growing down the wicks, which I just posted about.

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Hi @frisket
Thanks for sharing! Fruiting plants are the ones that take the longest time to produce and need actual care to do their best. What kind of garden are you using and did you find timed tips provided via app helpful? We would really like to learn how to improve your experience.

I was given a 3-pod unit as a present. The first crop was 3×Basil, which worked very well and gave us pesto for dinner :slight_smile: This recent growth was the second: three different pods as described, so there was some manipulation to help pollination, and rotation of the pods to even out light exposure. I have now transplanted them to a small outdoors planter, and replaced them with your Italian Herb Mix.