Didn’t grow

One of the cherry tomato planted 14 days ago didn’t grow, I guess this won’t grow at this stage ?

In a another note, other plants are ok but the strawberries are really really small, should I had keep the done ?!


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Hi @lowrisk, welcome to the community!

You have definitely removed the dome in time.

What you need is some basic plant care tips. You can read those suggestions on the web, provided for every plant pod under “plant care”. Or, register your gardens on the Click and Grow app and add the plants there (you can edit the start date before pushing “done”). App will provide timed tips and videos for every registered plant.

For example, it would suggest to thin chili and tomato pods in time and view a video how to do that. You can also use plant catalog there to learn about the plant pods before purchase, e.g. suitable temperature range…

One pro tip for the tomato, simply transplant one extra seedling to that failed plant pod. This way you would still have a good use of the failed plant pod.
But, if there is a plant pod failing, definitely report to the support, usually faulty pods are replaced for free.

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