All Plants are Dying :(


I started using this system at the start of Jan and bar a few basil leaves, nothing seems to have grown successfully.

See attached image of dead tomatoes. Chillies have yet to sprout 6 months later.

Everything seems to be just drying out and dying.

I keep the system in my kitchen and always plenty of water.

Any idea what went wrong before I start all over again?



Hi @Cathal82!

There are multiple chilies in that one pod- chili plant needs thinning (one plant per pod) in the early growth stage. One plant will have enough nutrients for the growing cycle. If there are sprouting problems (the plant is not sprouting in 3 weeks), next time please contact customer support to have a free replacement.
Basils have been harvested and cut back- good job! That keeps your basils so bushy and compact. Unfortunately, they have passed ‘last up to’ date and they already start flowering. It is time to start new pods. Mini tomato plant has also ripened it’s fruits and passed ‘last up to’ date.
I would suggest following the app to get timed plant care tips for every plant. It is also very helpful in monitoring the age of the plant. Or you can also find that information from the CG website under every plant pod information.
I hope that next round goes better! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your advice Maret :slight_smile: