Unhealthy/stunted pepper growth

Hi! Can someone please help?? I have been growing different types of hot peppers for about 5 months now and they are not growing out correctly. They just stopped growing after a certain point and look a little shriveled. Is there a way to salivage the plant and grow new peppers out of them or do I need to start over and grow the plant out from the beginning? Any advice would be very helpful. This is the first plant I’ve ever planted so I’m a newbie. :blush:

See attached for pic…

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If I understand correctly, at this point they don’t have any more nutrients in the pod, neither is the space for the roots sufficient. Maybe you should try to transplant them out of the smart garden!

Hi @Justin,

quite a yield you have there but the pods of chilies are ripe if red and now you already have dried chili pods there, they are still good to go though.

The pepper plants stop growing in a certain size because those are carefully selected dwarf cultivars to fit a Smart Garden.

What you need for next time is to go over basic plant info on the web-store (under “plant care” for every plant pod) or, download the app and under the menu, you can open the “plant catalog” and get some basic pro tips. Also, if you register your garden on the app and start growing new plant pods, it will view timed care tips and tell you if something seeds to be done.
For your chilies, it would have suggested to thin out extra seedlings and leave just one plant to grow per plant pod. By doing so each plant would have enough space and nutrients to grow. The app would also remind you to pollinate the flowers so that the chilies would produce more pods for you, along with other useful information.

Also, every plant pod has expected “lasts up to” date, which is marked on the package and also on the app.

Overall, it seems you have managed it very well despite the debris, Cilantro also looks really good.

I hope you find the plant care info useful :slight_smile:

Happy growing!

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