Optimise which plant growing together


I bought two Smart Garden 9, and some plantes

Mini Tomato Plant Pods × 1
Wild Strawberry Plant Pods × 2
Yellow Sweet Pepper Plant Pods × 1
Basil Plant Pods × 2

  • I didn’t realised the Smart Garden 9 was already coming with some plant/herbes , I believe :
    3 x mini tomato
    3 x basil
    3 x green lettuce

PS, Marketing, you should probably highlight that on the product page!

I’m trying to optimise which plants and herbs can go together and also growing at the same level/high for optimise the light hight

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Hi @lowrisk, welcome to the Click and Grow community.

Here’s a smart garden 9 set up video. As you can see it is meant to be used with one pair of arms from the start and all plants in the selection can be grown at the same time. You can read some basic info for every plant pod on the website or download the app and once you register your garden and plant pods you’ll receive timed tips for each plant.
A few things to keep in mind for best results are, make sure all plant pods would receive enough light, harvest your edibles once they are thriving and every plant pod has its last up to date.

Happy growing!

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