Strawberries and Tomatoes

I have a 3-pod garden and planted 2 strawberries and one tomato pods. The tomato sprouted first. After a while the two strawberry pods sprouted. But when the plants grew larger, it seemed that tomato and strawberry don’t like each other. The strawberry plant next to the tomatoe died after a while and the tamato leaves didn’t look too healthy either.
I asked around and some people say one should not plant tomaoes and strawberries close to each other. Are there other combination available for click and grow, that I should avoid?

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Hi @marting

Do you have any thoughts on why the strawberry plant next to tomato wilted?
Maybe you have some pictures to share?

Mini tomato plants last around 6 months in the smart gardens after that the nutrients start to deplete and the plant might start to look yellow and unhappy. Within 6 months the fruits should be harvested and the cup switched to new plants. Although many have transplanted the tomatoes into new soil and got a new harvest a few months later.

I believe they can do nicely next to each other but the problem must be that the tomato is quite strong and might shadow the strawberry in this case. I have seen the best results growing one type of plant in a 3-pod garden. That does not mean you can’t grow different plants simultaneously but rather it’s not the best way, as the plants might start to compete with each other.

I’d recommend growing similar shapes and similar harvest time plants together to get the best results.
If you have any specific questions or problems you can always contact C&G Support.

Cheers :seedling::sparkles: